Big News Coming from the Mormons!

Big news coming from LDS Hierarchy regarding the LGBT community!

From the production team of “8, The Mormon Proposition:”






On November 10, 2009 several highly placed people featured in the upcoming documentary film 8: THE MORMON PROPOSITION were contacted by well-placed people inside the Mormon Church in anticipation of an “historic statement against discrimination” to be made by the Mormon Church.

They were told, “Watch what we are about to do. You will be pleased.”

At this hour gays and lesbians all over the world hope that the Mormon Church’s announcement will not be yet another Mormon public relations smoke screen and result in action that will result in full marriage equality for the LGBT community world-wide.

Since the release of the trailer for 8: THE MORMON PROPOSITION, intense scrutiny has been focused on Mormon involvement in the passage of Proposition 8 and allegations that the Mormon Church set up the infamous NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR MARRIAGE which was the key player in Maine’s recent ban on gay marriage.

Sources close to those who called our cast and production team alerting us to the upcoming Mormon statement on discrimination say that Mormon Mitt Romney has recently put pressure on his own church to extend an olive branch to the gay community to try and deflate the anticipated negative press that will come from the release of 8: THE MORMON PROPOSITION that would likely damage his hope for a successful 2012 presidential bid.

Ironically (and we suspect in step with the Mormon’s anticipated statement on discrimination) Mormon-owned KSL TV released an article on their web site saying “Romney appears to be front-runner in 2012 election.”

While the 8:TMP team hopes Mormons end their game of discrimination against the LGBT community and wishes to work with people of all faith traditions to end discrimination, we would like to assert the following.

FACT: Under similar international scrutiny, Mormon leaders have in the past made similar statements regarding being against discrimination directed towards minorities & the LGBT COMMUNITY.

FACT: Gay leaders in SLC begged Mormon leaders to back up their statements on ending discrimination against the LGBT commmunity, through Mormon support for their COMMON GROUND initiative.

FACT: Despite lip service, Mormons did not get behind the COMMON GROUND INITIATIVE and in fact worked to see the initiative’s defeat.

FACT: Despite lip service to people of color, the holiest book of Mormon scripture THE BOOK OF MORMON still refers to people of color as being “CURSED WITH A DARK SKIN, FILTHY AND LOATHSOME.”

FACT: Despite lip service to people of color, printings of MORMON DOCTRINE by beloved Mormon Apostle Bruce R. Mcconkie, assert African Americans are “marked” for not being fully behind the plan of Jesus Christ in a pre-earth life war in Heaven.

FACT: A Mormon spokesperson told 8TMP’s director “this is all about public relations and making the church look good.”

In conclusion, as Mormon heavy-hitters prepare for the so-called “historic announcement” our team would encourage Mormons to put their money and their membership by doing the following:

1. Severing all Mormon ties to the NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR MARRIAGE, which works to rob the LGBT COMMUNITY of their civil rights.

2. Directing an amount of money equal to Mormon money spent in California’s Prop. 8 campaign to LGBT marriage equality.

3. Removing from all Mormon canonized scripture any reference to people of color as being “cursed or marked with a dark skin” or being “filthy and loathsome.”

4. Ask Mormon Apostle Dallin H. Oaks to retract his recent teachings on LGBT “alleged civil rights” and affirm that LGBT rights are not “alleged” but deserved and long overdue.

Our production team and cast await the day when Mormons will work with the LGBT community not only with their words, but their money and their members to achieve FULL MARRIAGE EQUALITY. This is the only way to truly advocate for the end of discrimination against ALL PEOPLE. Anything else is lip-service.

6 thoughts on “Big News Coming from the Mormons!

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  2. Duwayne Anderson

    Here is some useful and pertinent information:

    1) The Mormon Church was responsible for the Supreme Court decision in the late 1980s which established that churches are immune from Title VII liability. In other words, the LDS Church took the extraordinary step of seeking a decision from the highest court in the land, giving the church the *right* to discriminate. Here is a useful link:

    2) Mormons and the Mormon Church are far more likely to be defendants in discrimination suits that plaintiffs. Here is a website that discusses relevant statistics in that regard:

    Here are just two high-profile examples of the Mormon Church fighting for the right to discriminate in hiring:

    1) in a 1987 Supreme Court case dealing with Title VII, the Court ruled that a gym operated by the Mormon Church could require its janitor to be a Mormon in good standing.

    2) Michael Quinn, a professor at BYU, was fired for being Gay. His story:

    The LDS Church has suffered some obvious negative publicity lately, with their support for Proposition 8 (which they tried desperately to keep out of the news) and their involvement in the defeat of Gay rights in Main. Their “support” for the SLC non-discrimination law is a thinly veiled attempt at fixing some of that public relations nightmare. If the church was *truly* committed to non-discrimination in hiring and housing, however, they would petition for legislation that requires *all* organizations to abide by the law, instead of arguing (as they did) that the LDS Church should be *immune* from the law.

    That is the real story here, and (unfortunately) nobody has covered it.

    Duwayne Anderson
    Author of “Farewell to Eden: Coming to terms with Mormonism and science”

  3. Moms Post author

    Thank you Duwayne… It is the REAL story, it always has been. “they would petition for legislation that requires *all* organizations to abide by the law, instead of arguing (as they did) that the LDS Church should be *immune* from the law.” And immune from being called out on their bigotry.. it amazes me.

  4. Ali

    Why does the straight conimmuty think everyone has to accept their way of living? Some gay people, might find it strange that you are attracted to someone of the same sex. Stop judging them. If people say they don’t support gay people, many times they don’t have valid reasons to back it up. People are ridiculing and giving them grief EVERYDAY of their lives. When is enough going to be enough? You should be attacked, everyone deserves to have a preference. It is not fair that just because they have different views, and prefer the same gender as them, they should be hated on.


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