When Mormon Leaders Speak, Members Follow

America Forever is at it again!  They are obviously clinging to the words of Mormon Leader Dallin H. Oaks when he spoke at BYU Idaho last month  saying  that LGBT rights are “alleged”.

In response to the recent statement of “alleged’ support of the LDS Church, America Forever felt inspired and compelled to send 80,000 faxes of the attached flyer.

This is the same lovely Mormon group that bussed people into San Francisco from Utah for the Supreme Court Hearings on the legality of Proposition 8.  I think you can imagine the vile things they were shouting at me and my children.  That was absolutely the most painful day of my life… I had never experienced that much HATE so up close and personal.

I love Steven Greenstreets title “America Forever’s Batshit Insane Response”

Don’t be fooled!  Remember the words of your apostles.. bigotry is a right as long as you say it with a smile!amerforeverad

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