What’s all the fuss about? 8: The Mormon Prop.

8: The Mormon Proposition

Mormons: The Ultimate Wedding Crashers

The buzz continues!  First let me say, I absolutely LOVE this new poster! I set a Google alert to watch the activity around this film.  It averages about 20-30 alerts a day!  Here are some of my favorite commentaries thus far:

Perspective from The Same Dame:

Spotlight: Documentary: Sometimes they just put documentaries in Specturm/American Spectrum/Whateverthefuck, sometimes the documentaries get their own category. Under this new Spotlight, they have their own little sub-category again. The talk of Utah will, of course, be “8: The Mormon Proposition, directed by Reed Cowan, who used to be a reporter at KTVX. (What channel number is KTVX?) I don’t know what obscure proposition this film details. Probably something about offering someone a million dollars to sleep with his or her wives.

Jeremy.. It’s channel 4 ABC affiliate in SLC, but I think you knew that.

Salt Lake Tribune’s Sean P. Means lists it as one of the Top 10 films to catch at the festival:

“8: The Mormon Proposition” » The festival’s homegrown controversy, as former KTVX reporter Reed Cowan looks at the LDS Church’s role in the campaign for California’s gay-marriage ban. It is a must-see — or a must-boycott, depending on your point of view.

And from what I hear the protesters, boycotters and damners are going to be out in FORCE to make sure I know as a mother I am leading my children to hell and they want me to burn there.  Of course they will be quoting the scriptures to back it all up…  so it must be true.

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