Laughter Heals

My Darling husband has been through a lot this holiday season. The stress of a wife with a brain tumor during anytime of the year is hard to deal with. So naturally I wasn’t too surprised to see his creative outlet flow into this song…

I couldn’t help but think of the saintly Heterosexuals protecting the sanctity of marriage.

Laughter is ALWAYS the best medicine. Enjoy!!

One thought on “Laughter Heals

  1. darin

    You have got to be kidding me do u consider yourselves to be Christians? If u r then I bet u believe in not stealing or coveting and I bet u know how times the bible says that sex with animals and prostitutes and same sex partners is wrong. But is doesn’t matter now because ur kids r gay. Throw the bible out or choose to believe only the parts that don’t involve ur kids. I wonder if moms with kids who have sex with dogs excuse their behavior too? Love ur kids but gods commandments always come first no matter how screwed up we all are. Don’t expect me to change my beliefs which r apart of gods commandments because ur children sin. I am not morman either. I am a christian who fights for god first. We all still love ur children but dont believe in the State providing them with a marriage certificate. If u find a passage in the bible that supports ur moms for equality and gay marriage then send it too me. May god richly bless ur lives. Darin


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