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You may have noticed the new addition “Dads for Equality” to my blogs title, which reflects my dear husband Steve’s acceptance to visually and vocally join me here.  As a point of clarification, I would like to point out the part Steve has played in my journey.  If it were not for him, I would probably not be doing much in the LGBT community.  His support and encouragement in addressing the issues rose by our communities and the Mormon Church, and taking a vocal and visible stand against the inequalities, is what got “me” here; rather is what got “us” here.

Steve has a powerful perspective on the issue in that he was very homophobic in his teens and early adult years.  His journey out of homophobia started with the suicide of a young gay brother-in-law and Steve’s experience in giving the closing prayer at his funeral.  It took him years to fully reconcile his opinions regarding gay issues and arrive where he was when we met ten years ago.  Steve has risked much in choosing to stand up for his gay step-children’s rights at the peril of his relationship with his biological children, parents, business associates and friends. (Primarily over speaking out against the Mormon Church’s position and then resigning his membership.)

Dad’s standing up for their gay children is sadly, very rare.  Most gay men we talk to gave up hoping for that long ago.  In our community, few men seem “man enough” to accept their child’s homosexuality.  As you continue to visit the blog, I know you will grow to love him—as I do.

3 thoughts on “Moms for Equality : Dads for Equality

  1. RoseAnn Hermann

    Just saw the film. What can I say? I’m a mom, and now a grandmother, and I’m still fighting for equal rights for all of my kids, straight and gay! Prop 8 was devastating, Maine was devastating, the NY Senate vote last December was devastating. Yes, we have come a long way, but I can’t tolerate the hate and lies!

  2. Moms Post author


    Thank you for joining us here. Yes we make progress, never as quickly as I would like, but together we keep moving forward. I am glad you were able to see the film. My hope is that as we expose the truth, understanding follows.

  3. Really Not Impressed

    I have never had such a bad taste in my mouth since the day I was born until I come across this filth in such a blatant, open, and disgusting way. I’m sure that every gay man has recognized the misery they are in, and one day, your immediate family members and yourself will come to account for the misery you support and rationalize in your own mind. This is the cause of your unhappiness.

    Your accounting doesn’t begin and end there. It’s your ongoing blasphemy towards time-honored values that are most calculated to bring man (and woman) genuine joy and happiness. The Bible and all the prophets have spoken plainly about it. You cannot change eternal laws. They have been set long before you were given a chance to inherit your body, which is belongs to the One who created it. The Korihors will in a day soon approaching, come to view your own carnal state in a never-ending torment, as youre well aware of.


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