8: The Mormon Proposition – What it is, What it isn’t

The bumper sticker said it well: “Focus on Your Own Damn Family.”

8: The Mormon Proposition, reflects the efforts of those that created it and us that are in it, to hold OUR former church accountable for the pain they knowingly inflicted on OUR families and the LGBT community.

– The documentary IS NOT about disagreeing with the church’s moral standards or their right to spend their money on issues they feel are important.

– It IS about hypocrisy; how the leaders of a church (that says it is all about “being honest in our dealings with our fellow men”), knowingly created and funded dishonest ads to promote their own moral agenda; and (by their own admissions) hid their involvement.  The Church stated in their own documents, that if the voters knew the extent of the church’s involvement, it would negatively impact the vote.

– This documentary does not claim that the LDS Church did this alone, even though at its strong urging, its members (only 2% of the voters) donated over 70% of the money contributed and over 90% of the volunteer efforts.

We know that when most members of the LDS Church see this film they will be shocked at what their leaders did, and a few scary fanatics will sternly defend their leaders rights to use lies,  deception, or ??? in the name of God.  “It’s better that one man should parish (be killed) than a whole nation dwindle in unbelief.” Book of Mormon 1 Nephi 4

We would hope the displeased members of other groups, be they Catholic, Protestant, African American, Latino, Baptist…, would hold their leaders accountable as well.

Anyone feeling to criticize it should see it first, as they will find as Variety’s review states: “8” actually spends more time trying to humanize homosexuals than to demonize those who hate them.

It opens in selected cities June 18th, and on VOD.  Available on DVD July 6th.

Watch the NEW trailer: http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/independent/8themormonproposition/

4 thoughts on “8: The Mormon Proposition – What it is, What it isn’t

  1. Spencer

    well said! it is disturbing that too many people are dismissing the movie out of hand, without even seeing it — especially as the movie is billed precisely as an opportunity to initiate informed dialogue on the issue. the fact is Prop 8 hurt tens of thousands of good people here in California by demeaning us to a second-class status under the laws of our state. the fact is that Mormon money was instrumental in swinging the vote in its favor by running misleading and fear-based ads. so let’s talk about what happened and why it happened, so perhaps we can avoid it happening again…

  2. Duwayne Anderson

    I find it interesting to watch the LDS Church try to argue their case from the standpoint of “morality.”

    Remember, this is a church that refused to condemn a war that was based on lies; a war that killed hundreds of thousands of people, many of them women and children; a war that was obscenely supported by their membership; a war whose evil architect was (to their everlasting shame)warmly received by students and faculty at the church’s university (BYU).

    In the LDS world, Gay marriage is “immoral” but carpet bombing, poisoning by depleted uranium, torture, and all the other terrors of war are supported — even when the war is started by evil men who told lies to advance their political agendas.

    So let’s cut the crap. The word “moral” doesn’t mean “good” in the LDS Church. Rather, in Mormonism “moral” means supporting the church and its political agendas. “Moral” means lying for the church about history and doctrine. “Moral” means giving the church your money and time. And, if you’re an intellectual, “moral” means being the church’s intellectual prostitute.

    With the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, “moral” is all about your relationship with the *church.*

    Moral *should* be about how we treat other people. It should mean “Don’t kill other people” It should mean “Don’t tell lies.” It should mean “Don’t encourage people to shun/hate people that are different.” It should mean “Don’t torture, half-drown, electrocute, or crush the genitals of suspects.” It should mean “don’t discriminate against people on the basis of sexual orientation or ethnicity.” It should mean “don’t commit fraud — especially the fraud of selling a false religion.”

    It *should* mean “Don’t ruin the lives of other people by imposing your personal beliefs on them through public laws.”

    Mormonism was born of a fraud and lies have been its legacy ever since. But the church can be helped. Today the LDS Church is a much-improved organization, mostly due to the outside influence of humanists. For over 100 years Mormonism taught that Blacks were “not valiant” in the pre-existence, and that women should not use birth control or work outside the home. Humanists brought the LDS Church kicking and screaming into the 21st century and today Mormonism has capitulated. Because of Humanism, Mormonism no longer denigrates Blacks. Because of Humanism Mormonism no longer denigrates women as much as they *used* to.

    And because of the efforts of people like Linda and her husband& kids, we can look forward to a day when Mormonism will no longer denigrate Gays.

    Duwayne Anderson
    Author of “Farewell to Eden: Coming to terms with Mormonism and science”

  3. Cliff

    Your website is interesting. I was attracted to it after reading your movie review of Proposition 8 on Yahoo movies.

    My stance on Homosexuality is based purely on social laws. Laws are created in a society to protect the working of the society. Completely from a scientific perspective if every member of the upcoming generation of society decided to practice homosexuality, that society would quickly extinct itself. Since not every member can practice homosexuality, no members of society should. This ideology is similar for other laws against purely self-harming behaviors such as prostitution and illegal drug use. The idea is not that the behavior is morally wrong; but rather the behaviors must be limited or society will cease to exist. SInce society has no way of determining who and who cannot participate, it sets laws to keep everyone from participating.
    Naturally society can’t inhibit homosexual behaviors as it would have no way to regulate them. Rather it sets limits, whatever they may be, and regulates them at that level.

    Now in response to your review of the movie Proposition 8. I find it interesting that you claim this movie is unbiased. The movie and you both have an obvious personal agenda. How can anyone with their own agenda create a non-biased movie or a non-biased review?

    Finally I do not understand why you hamper on the Mormon church. All biblically based christian churches, islamic mosque, jewish synagogues, hindu temples, etc teach the same thing about homosexuality. There are countless others who have gotten involved over this issue. Then again the personal agenda. As soon as the mouth is opened the heart and mind are revealed.

  4. jason macdonald

    Interesting that you talk about HYPOCRICY and HATE when your entire website and movie is about hating Mormons. I know a lot of great Mormons that do a lot of great things throughout the entire world. SHAME ON YOU for spreading HATE!!! Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame!


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