After 8:, What do we do now?

We have been on a whirlwind tour with 8: The Mormon Proposition to Los Angeles, San Diego, Salt Lake City

Dustin Lance Black - Egyptian Theatre LA

and tomorrow, San Francisco for the screening on June 18th.  The response has been remarkable.  The press is very interested with the timing of the ruling against the LDS Church and the resumption of the federal case on Proposition 8 it appears the universe has a mission for this film.

CNN Interview - LA

The most asked question at film festival Q&A sessions is “What can we do now?”

If we are going to hold the Mormon Church and other religions accountable, we must share this information exposed in this film.  Knowledge is power.  We hear it again and again, “I had no idea this was happening.”  Voters need to be educated.  It doesn’t matter where you stand on the issue of same-sex marriage.  The fact that a powerful coalition was able to sway a vote and stay completely anonymous should be illegal and is certainly unethical.

Tower Theatre - SLC

Join the Facebook Event page and commit to sharing 8:  The Mormon Proposition.  Start planning to personally share this film with those closest to you, and talk about it afterwards! See it together at the theater or in your homes through Video on Demand starting June 18th. Please share your ideas and results.  It is creating dialogue that leads to understanding which leads to change.  Change is good!

Opening June 18

Atlanta – Landmark Midtown Art Cinema
Boston – The Coolidge Corner Theater
Chicago – Gene Siskel Film Center
Dallas – Angelika Dallas
Ft. Lauderdale – Gateway
Honolulu – Kahala 8 Theater
Houston – Angelika Houston
New York City – Village East Cinema, Chelsea Clearview
Los Angeles – Laemmle’s Sunset Five
Palm Springs – Camelot Theaters
Scottsdale/Phoenix – Harkins Camelview 5
Salt Lake City – Tower Theater
San Diego- Reading Theater- Gaslamp 15
Spokane – Magic Lantern Theater
Washington, DC – AFI Silver Springs

Opening June 25

San Francisco – Presidio Theater
San Francisco – Sundance Kabuki Theater
Berkeley – Rialto Elmwood Berkeley
Santa Rosa – Rialto Cinemas Lakeside

Opening July 2

Denver – Film Society at Starz Film Center

3 thoughts on “After 8:, What do we do now?

  1. meribon

    I just saw you on CNN and I wanted to write to say that you are a true inspiration. It must have taken a lot of courage to go against your church and your family to side with your children. You did the right thing – keep your head held high knowing that there are millions out there supporting your cause.

  2. john

    the ultimate irony – success in your quest for marriage equality will mean finally allowing multiple party marriage for bi-sexuals, and then polygamy to fully validate the rights of individuals to marry whom they will. so the mormons will get their polygamy back!

  3. Sheryl Beckett

    Easy enough to allow same-sex marriage but not multiple partners is to just rewrite the marriage laws to state something like “marriage is between 2 consenting adults who are not currently married to someone else.”

    Oh, and it would not be polygamy because allowing multiple party marriage would allow women to have more than 1 partner and in polygamy, only men are allowed to have multiple partners.


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