Monthly Archives: October 2010

Thank You Mr. President – It Gets Better

I am deeply saddened by two more youth suicides in recent days.  My heart aches as I search for ways we can eliminate the hopelessness these young people feel.  I do know that as we speak out, whatever we say, hopeful or damning, the message gets out.

Although I have been disappointed in the lack of movement toward more equality, I am truly grateful that our President, Barack Obama joined the voices offering hope.  LOVE is louder than hate if we will continue to put it out there.  It will get better.

It Does Get Better

In light of the recent epidemic of youth suicides Dan Savage started a you-tube campaign “It Gets Better” in conjunction with The Trevor Project.  It has been a beautiful thing to watch so many gay and straight alike, celebrity and unknowns, jump in to support this project.  As of this posting there are 892,000 search results for “It Gets Better.”  My most recent favorite is posted here.

As a parents, we grieve for every child lost and mourn for every parent dealing with that loss.  We commit ourselves again to speak out, to speak up, to let anyone who can hear our words, “It Gets Better!”  Hang on.