The 5th Annual Southern Utah Equality Celebration is Almost Here

It is almost time for our 5th Annual Southern Utah Equality Celebration. The theme this year is “Say Yes” and it’s taking place on May 9th at 6:30pm in Kayenta, Utah.

It has been such an honor to be Equality Utah’s event organizer for this these last 5 years. Our small conservative community is a much more welcoming place for our LGBTQ children as a result of the work done and made possible as a result of this beautiful event.

Purchase your tickets or table today. It’s not too late to become a sponsor of the event.

Poet Andrea Gibson will be this year’s keynote speaker, and she will bring her amazing voice and talent to this year’s festivities. We have a lot to celebrate this year, so please join us in Kayenta for an unforgettable night under the stars.

Thanks for all your support and encouragement these last 5 years,

Linda Stay



Call 801-355-3479 or click here to buy tickets!

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Stick with Love

I received an email today informing me of the death of Fred Phelps, founder of the Westboro Baptist Church.  This email expressed joy and excitement with sentiments of hope that he would rot in hell with Hitler.  Rev Phelps believed that homosexuality would be the downfall of our nation.  The church became infamous for protesting funerals and events with anti-gay, hate speech ridden  signs.

MLK stick with love

Perhaps the worst pain to pierce my heart, or close to it, came when my family and I were on the receiving end of members of this hate group.   In March of 2009, at the steps of the courthouse in San Francisco,  feeling the crushing weight of that kind of hate up close and personal, honestly took away my breath and drove me to my knees.  My children and I held each other, crying as we watched my husband Steve go uncharacteristically ballistic in an effort to protect us.  It is hard to believe that kind of hate exists, so physically palatable that it robbed us of air, and for the first time made me feel afraid for our safety and future. 

To survive this civil rights journey which I found myself thrust into, I had to evolve quickly, beginning with growing some pretty thick skin.  I also learned that the only way I can protect myself and my family is to stand UP for something, rather than fight against anything.  Only when I am in my authentic truth and love, am I more powerful than any force of darkness and hate.

My reaction today in hearing of the passing of this leader of hate is certainly one of relief, relief that his energy is being put to rest.  Yet I am full of gratitude that no where in my body do I feel hate, that hate that he harbored and taught.  Forgiveness is the prominent emotion and thankfully I had a wise therapist help me understand that forgiveness is simply letting go of hope for a better past.

Yes Fred Phelps, I forgive you.  May you rest in peace.


25 Years of Research Reveals #1 Most Valuable Gift We Can Give

by Steve Stay, from free e-book @

Looking for the Best Gift to Give Someone you Care About?

A 25 year research study reveals the #1 answer.

Researchers and physiologist Dinkmeyer and Losoncy followed the lives of couples and families for 25 years and their conclusion concurred with that of eminent psychiatrist Rudolf Dreikurs.

Encouragement is the key ingredient for success 
in all positive professional and personal relationships.

Of the myriad of things that partners and  parents did, trying to help their children and each other, Encouraging words created the best outcome in their child’s and their partners life.

Mastering the skill of using encouraging words
is one of the greatest gifts you can offer to the people in your life.

First, it’s critical that you are clear on exactly what encouragement is:

  • Encouragement is positive feedback that focuses primarily on effort or improvement rather than outcomes.
  • Encouraging happens through valuing and accepting others as they are, having a belief in the innate capacity of people to overcome the challenges of life.
  • Encouragement is recognizing, accepting, and conveying faith in another for the mere fact that he or she exists. They do not have to be “the best” to be a full-fledged human being. Your focus and comments are such that you help them see their assets, strengths, resources and potential — in contrast to their deficits, weaknesses and limitations.
  • Encouragement requires dropping the urge to analyze what’s really going on or trying to solve the situation for another. It is about sharing your confidence in them and helping them regain their sense of perspective and confidence in their ability to get through and rise above life’s challenges.

You will discover that a word of Encouragement
during a time when someone feels they have failed
is worth more than an hour of praise after a victory

Here are a few examples of Encouraging words.

  • I believe in you.
  • I know you did your best.
  • You can make it.
  • While everything didn’t come off as you had hoped, I felt your effort and it’s all going to work out.
  • I can see you have made progress.
  • Knowing you, I’m sure you will do well.
  • You can only learn by trying and I feel like you always give a great effort.
  • I can see you have really thought this through.
  • That’s a challenge and I’m confident you’ll make it.

For additional details on using Encouraging words, download the Free e-book
“Being The Shift” at
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Dinkmeyer, D., & Losoncy, L. (1996). The skills of encouragement. Delray Beach, FL: St. Lucie Press.
Dreikurs, R. (1971). Social equality. Chicago: Alfred Adler Institute.