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2015 Southern Utah Equality Celebration

Because of Linda’s health, she was not able to make the trip to our daughters graduation at the University of Utah the day before the event, so the universe conspired and got a picture of Mylinda, giving her mom the “I Love You” sign, on the front page of the Salt Lake Tribune.
She was able to pace herself well and be at the 300+ person event she was in charge of Fri & Sat nights. Saturday’s evening event started with a 30 minute downpour, but as soon as Linda arrived and we took this picture, the sun came out, a rainbow appeared, I wiped the moisture off my glasses & we ditched the umbrella.

It was an inspiring and successful event, that included her favorite spoken word artist, Andrea Gibson, followed by a beautiful Mothers Day on Sunday with 6 of our 9 children in town. 10685539_1613845505494331_1905122218061464523_n 11259207_10206569419896156_9018479227147918716_n10924770_1613845735494308_4408774886880475050_n

Tuesday was her 2nd round of chemo, after doing her 1st IV immune boost on Monday. Thanks to your generosity, she had two more immune boost this week.





















She’s feeling a bit tired and nauseated but is still her optimistic self and we are committed to keeping her out of the hospital this round.

If you feel the pull to assist us financially in giving Linda the best lifesaving outcome today and the best quality of life in the years to come, please visit Linda’s fundraising website at www.YouCaring.com/linda

Thanks again for all the love and light we feel shining our way.

With Love, Steve

How does Tolerance fit with Equal Rights?

Tolerance. I have come to hate that word. Really!

If I asked you to tolerate your women co-workers, or put up with your African-American neighbors, or try to just understand your Latino and Jewish friends, I would be run out of town as the biggest Bigot on the block!

So exactly what part of my children do  you need to tolerate?  What does their behavior, their ethics, their values, their marriage, do to you that gets in your way enough that you would need to tolerate them?

Can you see how offensive this is?  Can you see that there is NO place for Tolerance in the world of Equal Rights?  None!

What I would like for ALL to see is that just as I ask you to accept me as a woman, with different talents and abilities as my male counterparts, I am no less nor better than, just different… thank God, I ask you to see my children s’ talents and abilities in the same regard.

Thank heaven for the diversity of this world, of our country.  I was born as a ‘European mut’ you might say, with grandparents from Sweden, England and Holland.  There is no “purebred” blood here.  I am guessing most of you are ‘muts’ as well.  I carry that heritage with pride.  Two of my children were born gay, (purebred gay I believe), and what  beautiful diversity they brought to our very large heterosexual family.

There is NO need for you to TOLERATE my children.  They are beautiful, talented, giving and kind…. when you get to know them, You will LOVE them!!My Gay and Straight kids